Project Modus

Area : Engineering psychology, corporate culture, personnel motivation research.

Customer profile

Homa is a full-cycle research and production company, founded in 1998. It develops and produces more than 80 types of acrylic, vinyl acetate and copolymer dispersions, more than 100 types of water-dispersion adhesives, more than 10 types of polyurethane adhesives and many other materials. The company supplies products to all regions of Russia and to most of the CIS countries.


At one stage of company's development, a rapid quantitative growth took place. It was stimulated by the construction of a new plant and creation of an innovation center. At the same time, the amount of work with customers has increased and all of this required a swift involvement of new managers, engineers and workers into the company. The issue arose reagarding the formation of a unified corporate culture, which would correspond to the strategic objectives of the company and creating a management team that shares common values.


Based on the results of a series of focus groups with the company's top management and a strategic session, the consultants of the International Productivity Academy created a comprehensive project. Its purpose was to conduct a large-scale psychological study to obtain reliable data for further management decisions and to create a corporate culture development program. The project was named Modus.

Stages of the project:

1. Multi-factorial studies of professional qualities and value-semantic orientations of engineers and managers of the company. Determining the criteria for the formation of an effective management team based on the research results.

2. A study dedicated to determining motivational profiles of the workers. Development of a differentiated labor incentive system based on research results.

3. Development and implementation of a plan for the targeted formation of corporate culture following the method of project training.

• Creating a project team consiting of young managers - drivers of change.

• Training of project team members.

• Discussion and development of target (future) indicators with the guidance from consultants of corporate culture and creation of an action plan to achieve them.

Project outcomes

The project Modus has been implemented in 2010-2013. Over the next few years, the company has shown a dynamic and steady development, owing it to the corporate management foundation that was built during the project. In 2017, Homa was one of the leading companies in productivity in chemical industry, according to the “Production management” portal.


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