A letter of appreciation from the head of the production system development department of Vyksa Metallurgical Plant, Zakharov Oleg Borisovich, who took part in the “Practice of implementation of lean production instruments” internship.

A letter of gratitude from the head of the sales department of the “Interior” group of “MEGAMAKS”, Maksimenko, I., for the implementation of the “Renovation” program

 A letter of appreciation from the director of the Vyksa Metallurgical College, Shakhnazarova, L.F., regarding the internship "Corporate training centers of industrial enterprises as multifunctional cultural and educational sites" (in Czech Republic and Germany)

A letter of gratitude from the Director of the Institute of Management and Marketing of the Russian Academy of National Economy and the State Service under the President of the Russian Federation for organizing and conducting an internship abroad for students in International Relations study program.


Feedback from the participants of an internship organized for the middle managers of  “Norilsk Nickel".

Methods to improve efficiency in industrial management.

Experience of European companies (May 14-20, Czech Republic)

Krutorogov, V.L. (Head of the Centralized Repair Department of NTEK Thermal Power Plant-2)

The internship was organized at the highest level. Every minute of our time was carefully thought out and planned. For me, personally, the highlight was having a chance to visit the different enterprises. Thank you so much!

Kuznetsov, E.V. (Chief Engineer of the “Norilskgazprom”)

I really appreciated the organization and the actual program of the internship. The visits I have found the most beneficial were to the Škoda and Alfmeier enterprise. In addition, meeting the lean manager of Alfmeier was quite interesting too. I also believe that Methods 5s and Lean will be particularly useful for me in the future.

Chernyi, A. V (Deputy Chief Engineer of the mine)

During my internship, I have gained valuable and applicable experience in management and learned about modern technologies. To me, the most interesting events were the visits to Škoda, Alfmeier, Vitkovice and T-Machinery. I was particularly impressed with the methods of 5s, Kaizen and Six Sigma. I really appreciated the unique opportunity to meet and have a conversation with the lean manager of Alfmeier, Otoy Koucolik. I truly believe that internships like this should be continued in the future.


Feedback from the participants of the master class "KNOW-HOW anti-crisis"

Melnichenko Anna, Project Finance Specialist, Executive Director of “Aud.F. INTERKON”

I was very pleased to meet such highly professional mentors, and I would really like to continue working with the International Productivity Academy and our tutor, Veronika Denisova.

The structure of internship program and the operational processes are at a very high level and super innovative! I would also like to express my gratitude to the cultural program's organizer, Tatyana Struyapunina, for the entertaining excursions and the opportunity to see the city from a completely different angle. I also really enjoyed visiting the Skoda lean center.

Sokolova Elena, Underwriter, "Sberbank of Russia"

It is evident that the organizers of the internship have put a lot of work and effort into organizing the program. The material covered is very well structured and covers all the aspects thoroughly. The willingness of the organizers to share professional and personal experiences allowed us to gain additional knowledge, extending beyond the given program’s content. I really enjoyed the extensive excursion program included in the internship. As a suggestion for the future, I would like to have had the chance for optional visits, according to one’s interest, for example - a visit to Volkswagen glass factory in Dresden.

Donchenko Elena, Head of Inline Technologies Finance Services

Many thanks to Veronika Denisova for the highest level of professionalism and excellent quality and organization of the program. The experience I have gained will be extremely useful in my future work. I would also like to thank Tatyana Striapunina for an interesting and informative excursion program. Finally, I would like to thank Victoria Bogatyreva for the excellent translation services and assistance at the events.

Internship in Germany “Modern Management. European experience "

Alexey Rostislavovich Svirsky

IT Director of GK Video International.

Many thanks to the internship organizers! All the events of the program were very interesting and practical. I especially liked the excursion to the Liebherr plant and the story about the dynamics of the growing company's management system, as well as the practice of personal responsibility of employees regarding the quality of work. The most interesting seminar for me was the “Neuromarketing and Profiles of the Future Society's Desires” by Dr. Doderer - a unique fusion of business, psychophysiology and the lecturer's charisma! The cultural program was very informative and diverse. Finally, a collaborative manufacturing of paper in the museum of the same name symbolized our hard work during the week into a real object! I will definitely recommend the internship to my friends and colleagues!

Dmitry Kozhin

Deputy General Director of “Volzhskaya TGK”

I really liked visiting the Mercedes plant and other companies. It was interesting to see the organization of business processes from the inside perspective, in a very clear and accessible form. The work on the group project facilitated a consolidation of the knowledge gained, and gave us a chance to discuss and apply the gained experiences in relation to our own companies.

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